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, ever enough. let's get right to our panel now. with me in new york is richard wolffe who's the v.p. and executive editor on and ari melber. there was almost the acknowledgment that this wild use of assault weapons is never going to be stopped by politicians. he said if we're going to change things it's going to take a wave of americans. mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, pastors, law enforcement. mental health professionals. it will take commitment and compromise. but most of all it'll take courage. why is that? >> that is because both political parties have failed for so long on this issue that no one expects them to get this done alone within the politics as usual. i thought we really witnessed a potential breakthrough today. i thought the president came out and spoke very eloquently and very honestly about both the barriers and why we must change, why this is different. why the country i think everyone is seeing is looking at all of these corpses of children. and having a reset that's something deeper than politics. i think while we know often washington is broken an
and get to places like new york city or cities in our state, and i have always said and will continue to say that those exceptions and the absence of a tougher federal legislation is not good for connecticut, not good for our cities, and, again, i also have firmly believed that these high capacity magazines are extremely dangerous. having said that, being in the top five, i think there have been people -- people have previously thought they have done enough in connecticut. i'm not saying i was one of those. i doubt that there's any one of those left. [ inaudible question ] now that it's been pointed out and i have taken the time to -- we could be compliant with the previous assault weapons ban limitation by going from a -- there's a common sense piece of legislation that could be taken up in the next session. >> we've been listening to a press conference by connecticut governor dannel malloy who noted there were many heroes in connecticut today, but there's also a great deal of pain, many unanswered questions, and grief beyond imagination. on this monday, december the 17th. >> all acr
on friday that they just announced. >> mike, you heard new york city mayor mike bloomberg saying if congressmen and the president can't get together and address the fiscal cliff and assault weapons and the violent gun crime that marks and mars this nation, then what kind of people have we elected? >> well, martin, i hate to be crass about it, but we're entering a period where after they do, if they do solve this question of the fiscal cliff, the congress is going to be gone. they come back on january 3rd. there will be no business done in congress until late in january and we'll see what the mood is then. >> after gabby giffords was shot in the head, carolyn mccarthy introduced a bill to ban high capacity magazines. as co-sponsors. not a single republican would do so. should the president expect more of the same even after 20 children have been murdered? >> i think he's going to see a complete change in a lot of those republicans. >> really? >> i do. you know, the nra obviously has been powerful in the past. the admission today they would like to work with people about some thing
epstein. here in new york, my colleague joy reid, manager of "the gree yoe" and author of รง"blackward" joy, one is beginning to feel a little sympathy for poor speak are boehner. all he did was chop together erskine/bowles proposal to the super committee and not only opposed by the president but opposed by a large number of republicans. what does he do? >> this general's troops are running from the battlefield. when you read right wing sites you see a mix of despair and a lot of anger. i think the despair comes because they understand the capitulation is warranted. imagine a world in which wall street wrecks the economy and decides its wisdom to dominate the equivalent of a hedge fund manager and say, he should be the next president. when you do that and lose, have you to expect your next move is capitulation. they're going to lose on the top tax rate. just go ahead and do it. >> do republicans like to be seen as protecting millionaireses amillionaire millionairesmillionaires and billionaires from taxation? do they enjoy what comes from always defending the top 2% of society
. congressman charles rangel is a democrat from new york and he joins us live from capitol hill. good afternoon, sir. jay carney said today that the republicans' offer is, i'm quoting him, magic beans and fairy dust. speaker boehner says democrats like you are living in la la land. as one serving his 22nd term in congress, can you tell us, sir, who is living in an enchanted universe and who is operating on planet earth? >> well, quite frankly, the republican party is so confused that they don't truly realize that president obama won re-election, and there are certain parts of them that said, hell, no, they're not going to accept that. even mitt romney has gone off to shangri-la somewhere because of their refusal to accept reality. instead of just saying, as the president has said, that you can't get to $800 billion without hurting so many people, americans, and that it would be unacceptable, why don't we tell speaker boehner, first of all, that's going to be unacceptable by republicans and most americans. two, why don't you lay out the $800 billion? i for one, if you didn't care about the econo
previously for the new york education department. give us your perspective on a school like this because, as i understand it, most schools are accessible until about 9:00 a.m., quarter past 9:00, and then the access is closed. yet this individual or indeed the school made the 911 call just after 9:30. >> i'm sure we'll learn more about there was some speculation that perhaps this individual may have taught at the school or had some kind of access to the school. and i also heard reported there were new school safety measures that had just been implemented. we'll learn a lot about that. >> and he may have been known to staff because his mother is a teacher. >> exactly. when i worked at the new york city schools after 9/11, we needed to take a very wholistic approach to this as we move forward and think of the needs of the children, this community, the teachers. this is going to be a long process of healing. there will be all kinds of great resources for people in terms of how do you talk with your children, how you move forward, how you answer their questions. certainly the school district
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as ambassador at the unions. let's get to our panel. with me in new york is jonathan alter, who is with bloomberg view, and professor michael eric die sorn ayson and ari melber w nation." >> i think this is the sad resolution of what amounted to a right wing witch hunt against ambassador susan rice. i think, first of all, wrongly laying responsibility for the fiasco at her feet. secondly, when facts subsequently came out to suggest that she was marrily repeated what she had been told in terms of intelligence, they were still unrelenting, and then thirdly what this does is displace a highly qualified person for secretary of state from the obama administration who happens to be a person of color and a woman. a rhodes scholar, a doctoral recipient from oxford university, an extraordinary broad career at the state department so to speak in terms of foreign relations and the like. this is a sad day in american politics. she didn't get a hearing. she was vetted informally and, therefore, rejected outside of the parameters of legal and formal power, and as a rul of that, i think this i
in new york. >> the man responsible for killing two firefighters was also armed with a bushmaster .223, the same gun lanza used at sandy hook. of course lapierre would say this is a coincidence. but others would say this is perhaps a sign there are too many out there. >> these are first responders we're talking about. people who were throwing themselves into the line of danger to save someone's life. obviously it was an ambush. and at some point, policy makers -- we can poll any number of questions throughout the decades, but public policy makers, people who are in government need to look after public employees whether they're firefighters or teachers. and these kinds of weapons -- we're talking about urban situations as well. there's no argument, not a hunting argument, not a self-protection argument for this kind of weapon. and i think that's where the political debate is going to go shorply when it comes to assault weapons. >> if you go with lapierre about arming our teachers and schools, we should arm firefighters. where does it end? >> which no firefighters would want. and how are
was so -- lapierre was so disconnected from reality. i worked in new york city public schools. the idea of putting armed guards in schools is not even worth treating as a serious idea. it was so sort of out of step with where i think the conversation has been, the level of respect, and the kind of conversation we've been having nationally that i would almost guarantee you that it has done more actually to help our cause than any one of us could have done. >> no doubt. and to your point, of course, studies have been done, the greater amount of guns are in a particular jurisdiction, the greater likelihood homicide will occur and some gun violence will be sparked off. so it's a pretty ludicrous idea. mark, franklin roosevelt in one of his famous fireside chats said all we have to fear is fear itself. he was speaking about the looming terror of an approaching enemy from the outside, but this seems to be something from the inside. it seems like fear itself is the only thing that wayne lapierre has to offer. let's take a listen to this. >> violent crime is increasing again for the first time
of the united states. this is, after all, the former united states senator from the state of new york. this is, after all, the sitting secretary of state, which in the line of succession to the presidency is fifth in line if i'm not mistaken. i could be wrong on that. here is what i do know. you have john bolton, who by most accounts within the republican party, except for the neocons s a complete boob. you have alan west who lost a seat he should not have lost. why? because he's a moron. i just said it, new year's eve, alan west, is a moron and thank god he's leaving congress. these people should apologize. a fake news sham organization should apologies to secretary clinton and her family. the woman is in serious medical shape and this is what they come up with? >> just -- >> she may be the president of the united states one day. what are they going to do then? >> two points, one, they should have never said it in the first place. she was very ill before she -- and fell as a result of her illness. second of all, republicans should just shut up about this. this is absolutely insane. the woman
, mike. thanks so much. >>> now we turn to congressman charles rangel, a democrat of new york. sir, i put to you the question we started with, the clock is ticking to the new year. here comes the fiscal cliff. so what on earth is the speaker, mr. boehner and his boys, what on earth are they doing wasting time on these gyrations as harry reid referred to them? >> the best i can make out is that he doesn't have the votes to do what he would want to do, and that he's using these legislative procedures in order to test the moderates as opposed to those that prevent him from making any type of decent agreement with the president of the united states, and i'd like to add, and the american people. he has, unfortunately, in his party a group that he's dependent on if he wants to remain speaker that refuse, that refuse to the believe that obama has won the election. they hated had i am from the beginning and the election didn't cause any more delight in where we go from here. and so the best i can make out, he's trying to get enough votes to get enough support to free himself and to ultimately mak
much to lobby against, and we saw this in a front page story in "the new york times" yesterday, the kind of measure that is would make it easier for law enforcement to know who is buying guns, where those guns are going. what impact is that having for new law enforcement in terms of trying to just do your job? >> well, law enforcement speaks for law enforcement. certainly we're well-aware of the crisis in america today with gun violence, and certainly we believe there are measures that can be taken, a national background check that addresses some 40% of gun sales that are outside of licensed dealers. in addition, a capacity on high magazines, no more than ten. and certainly the national partnership to prevent gun violence is calling for an assault weapons ban. we know this will help save lives in america and reduce injury. >> so, chief, you said law enforcement speaks for law enforcement. are you suggesting there that the nra does not speak for law enforcement? >> well, certainly the organization that i represent, the partnership is made up of over nine executive leadership org
mosques in new york city, you could build it three blocks away. >> it's 30 degrees but that baby is wrapped in a electric baseball. >> i want to let in this country 200 gramy irish mep a year. >> "wall street journamarijuana. >> some republicans are so bummed they don't want to live in america anymore. >> the race between barack obama and -- >> romney lost. >> damn it. >> the silver tour teaches seniors the benefits of medical marijuana. >> watch cheech & chong travel to mexico to watch them pick up the first van made entirely of marijuana. >> they are so daysed and confused they haven't been able to decide. >> take a toke, baby, eat a magic brow ni. it just fits so well into the seen area lifestyle. >> three, two, one. >> some of that last segment i thought maybe they had to liven everything up for me. >> 51% now favor the legalization of marijuana. >> okay. >> is it one hump or two humps? >> it's a two humper. >> let's get right to our panel now. goldie taylor is an msnbc contributor. cristal ball is my colleague and one of the hosts of "the cycle." and jimy williams is a democ
in mind, john? >> well, new york governor andrew cuomo is rumored to want to run. maryland mayor martin o'malley is rumored to want to run. there are other people within the democratic party who would love for the chance to run for president in 2016. it would be an open seat. there would be no incumbent running. and so if hillary clinton is going to run for president from their perspective, they want her to make that decision sooner rather than later so that they can get their apparatus in place because unlike her, they can't just turn a latchkey and have everything, you know, fired up and ready -- >> millions of dollars, support networks and so on. >> yes. >> steve, hasn't this actually been a total transformation in the life of the clintons? because you were referencing her success, hillary clinton's success. but bill clinton has now transformed his standing. he is now a global figure, too, isn't he? >> and also just their standing within the democratic party. the thing this struck me this summer was compared how the bts were treated by the entire democratic convention this summer versu
panel. with me here in washington is msnbc political analyst david corn, and in new york msnbc political analyst professor michael eric dyson. david, can i start with you? the president began with, o come all ye faithful, and now we have speaker boehner singing in the bleak winter. how far does the president have to go to give boehner something that helps boehner go to his caucus and say let's just do our deal. >> you want someone to be singing "i'll be home for christmas." >> there you go. >> first, it's nice to see you in d.c. >> it's a great pleasure. >> we have this little bubble of optimism in the conventional media the past few days. although they're talking, they're not saying much, there must be progress, but we still have a fundamental divide here. the president says rates have to go up. he doesn't want to trade the debt ceiling for anything. he thinks that should be separate. and boehner put out a proposal saying we'll raise invest knews but we're going to lower rates. won't specify, as you noted earlier. there seems to be in the staff level at least not much progress, any prog
in new york with us we're delighted to have sir richard wolffe, vice president and executive editor of and msnbc contributor jared bernstein a former economist for vice president joe biden. and with us from washington is democratic strategist julian epstein. richard, i have to start with you. did the president run on raising taxes or did he not? >> he did. >> duss all the public polling show a majority support this strategy? >> people support raising taxes on the super wealthy. >> does speaker boehner need hearing aids for christmas? >> and possibly a dictionary or thesaur thesaurus. everybody knows how it's going to play out. it's just when. at some point the politics is inexrabble here. when it comes to this piece of it. if they really want to get what they want which is cutting what they call entitlements, what other call safety nets -- >> what others call earned benefits. >> then they should go to that which is what they count as the most important things. get it over and done with. they know they're going to cave on taxing for the wealthy. get to what they really wan
or the doma case in new york and the implications that will have for gay couples around the country. >> dana, since the sandy hook elementary school shootings on december 14th, there have been almost 250 gun deaths in north america or just about 13 gun deaths for each day, and even this morning we learned there was a shooting at a police station in camden, new jersey. so, you know, you mentioned gun control as an issue that the president needed to really get working on pretty quickly in january. how is that going to compete with other agenda items and how will the president and i would also say the outside groups really keep the pressure on to make sure that something meaningful happens? >> you know, that's a very good question, karen, and in a sense i wonder if it's already too late. if you don't act on these things quickly, people stop talking about it. the gun rights activists and the nra don't stop talking about it. they regain the traction they had momentarily lost. there is still hope for that issue, but the president really needs to move on that in january wile also remembering that t
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)